Rabideau Elected VP of MBUA

Michael Rabideau was elected Vice President of the Massachusetts Baseball Umpire’s Association (MBUA) at the group’s November 6, 2016 meeting. Rabideau is currently President of the Cape Cod Baseball Umpires Association (CCBUA), one of 16 regional umpire groups that comprise the MBUA.  Following the two-year term, the vice president automatically becomes MBUA prdicwkcxj3kaoxh4qmalxlano1sbxurbaxmmgwjs7bmk1kmm6piiv1bq-ysti_uhzoyo6jww1144-h620esident in accordance with the organization’s constitution.

The mission of the MBUA is to provide a common voice to represent all members at the High School Baseball state level. We will provide a uniform set of interpretations for the rules of baseball along with mechanics and a dress code for all umpires to adhere to. We will promote the advancement and education in the rules of the game with all umpires. To this end we will further the game of baseball by communicating with coaches, athletic directors and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA).
The MBUA will carefully study the interests of baseball, to render observations, recommendations, and/or decisions, where appropriate, on any matters referred to it by Member Boards.
Additionally, the association will recommend a uniform set of game fees and working conditions whether it be league-conference-or an independent schedule of high school level within the state.

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